Ah, the introduction phase…I grew up on a dairy farm in Spring Hill, Tn. Of course, that was when there still was farmland in Spring Hill and the surrounding areas, but as you know, progress waits for no one. Still, the experiences were life changing and its lessons were enduring.  In between chores, and sometimes despite them, I would walk the farm, play in the stream, or just sit atop a fence post and wait for the call to supper that never failed to reach my ears.  I learned to love the land and all its vast opportunities to create beautiful things with my hands and hard work such as a garden, a flower bed, or an orchard.  My love for being outside and my wandering nature only increased as I grew up and matured. 

My appetite for knowledge and exploring were equaled only by my passion for literature and poetry.  I began writing and reading poetry at an early age.  It was a way to express myself, yes, but it became a part of me.  Writing was a therapeutic empowerment in times of light and an indispensable way to embower myself in times of darkness. Words are powerful, but truthfully, there is no way to wholly define or describe the beauty we see daily with mere words and pictures.  How do you describe that which is indescribable?  Words cannot smell the salty air of the ocean as you gaze out from a secluded beach; they do not feel the mist on your face as you stand next to a cascading wall of water that is thundering past you onto the rocks below; they can never truly describe the feeling one gets experiencing the birth of a child. Words are empty without action and experiences.   

As we all are just a sum total of all these experiences, I hope this blog reaches kindred spirits with similar experiences or just those who have the same love of words, of nature, or the desire for discovery and adventure that wakes each morning with the rising sun.  You do not have to wander far.  You can be moved by something in your own back yard.  One must only be willing to get out and explore; to get off the bench and into the game; to take the road less traveled from time to time. There is much to see, and the clock is ticking: Are you ready for a new adventure?

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