The Wandering Poet’s Corner

Here you will find original works of poetry and other writings. My sincere hope is that these words will entertain your soul, inspire your heart, and engage your mind as you wander through this wonderful world.

“Black Cat”

Perched upon the midnight hour,
A black cat sleeps through summer showers,
He dreams of the new day’s dawn and the rising sun.
And in his dreams, he jumps and plays,
The birds and mice are a plentiful gaze,
Content and belly-full, he basks in the warming sun.
Embowered here–for before him lies,
Infinite meadows running into infinite skies,
All his hopes and dreams alive, and as bright as the mid-day sun.
No loneliness here and he takes a bride,
And roaming through the countryside,
The two go running side-by-side, in the bright day’s sun.
Then somewhere in the dreamer’s state,
Water drops on an old milk crate,
And he opens up his eyes to the reality of his day.
Awakened from his nightly dream,
To city lights and siren screams,
He stretches forth his paws, as to stop the coming day.
His struggle begins anew with the dawn,
Yesterday’s hunger still lingers on,
Wishing he could fall asleep and begin to dream again.

D. Kelly Andrews
© 2021/02


The gate is open into a field of grass.

The sun sinks low as the day goes past

Into the twilight of a looking glass.

And the cattle are grazing on the hill.

In the valley the stream runs true

Carving the land as it meanders through

Over the horizon goes the water blue.

And the cattle are grazing on the hill.

Crickets serenade the new twilight

Across the land goes the fading light

Until a half-hearted moon announces the night.

And the cattle are grazing still.

Darkness closes and covers this place

Hugging the earth in a lover’s embrace

Hiding the scars from the bright shining face.

And the cattle are lowing beneath the hill.

Awakened to a new day’s entreating

A shining face and the darkness receding

Onto a shell of what was; the heart barely beating.

And the cattle are lowing still.

Time will pass to a fresh new start

And upon the land they will leave their mark

But in building foundations they remove the heart.

And the cattle go silent on the hill.

D. Kelly Andrews

© 2021

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