Poetry-May 2023

Concerning Birds

Concerning birds, I wonder why
They don’t just spread their wings and fly,
To far away and bluer skies,
Over greener pastures that I surmise,
Would make one think that I was wise.
To nest on cliffs far above the tides,
To nest where ships will pass them by,
Or maybe secluded on a mountain high
Gazing over meadows with a discerning eye.
Some friends say, I should not ponder why
But a dreamer will dream is my reply.
Other friends wish to soar the skies
On strong, swift currents to angelic highs,
Where away from burdens an eternity lies
And hope springs eternal with each sunrise,
A haven from trouble, from the prison of pride,
A place of rest from the great divide.
And when I consider that they never try
Perhaps, they know something more than I,
And when I figure all the wheres and whys
Maybe, it’s enough just to know you can fly.

D. Kelly Andrews
© 2022

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