Wandering Poet Adventures


“Progress” The gate is open into a field of grass. The sun sinks low as the day goes past Into the twilight of a looking glass. And the cattle are grazing on the hill. In the valley the stream runs true Carving the land as it meanders through Over the horizon goes the water blue. And the cattle are grazing on the hill. Crickets serenade the new twilight Across the land goes… Read More

“Best friends, that’s what we are”, thought Gracie as she looked at her very large, chocolate brown-feathered friend Enola. Gracie and Enola were sitting in Gracie’s pretty, green, well-tended house for tea. Sitting in the middle of the table was a heaping plate of Enola’s favorite: orange and yellow mums! Gracie loved keeping house and having her best friend over to visit. Gracie remembers the first time she saw the house and… Read More