Welcome to Wandering Poet Adventures

What this place Is: 

This is a vehicle of self-expression that allows me to share my thoughts, my musings, my love of all things poetic in nature as well as nature itself.  The blogs may just be a few lines that come to mind or something I have seen that touched me.  It could be a paragraph, or a poem that is an original work of mine or something obscure that was written by someone else.  It may be a picture, a painting, a scene from my memory…the point is, it will take many forms!  This is a safe place for anyone who wanders on this earth and realizes that being content does not mean one has to be complacent.   This is for all those who search for more than what they find in their 4 square walls, their bank accounts, and their social status.  This is about a journey and all the stories that are hidden behind the walk we take through this world.  As you know, sometimes the story itself is the best part of any journey. They remain in your memories; your photos; your videos; they become your voice and live in the voices for all those you leave behind.  Indeed, they are your legacy.  Your opportunity lies before you, “that the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.”

So, happy wandering everyone!  Find something that moves you today and every day.

And remember: “Not all those who wander are lost.” – Tolkien

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