The Adventures and misadventues of K1 and K2

So, where to begin?  Where all good stories begin of course…. The Beginning.

Our base of operations, at least for now, is in Middle Tennessee.  I grew up here of course and K2 hails from West Virginia.  Our backgrounds are quite different in some ways as I grew up farming and playing basketball while K2 took piano and learned the art of training bunnies.  Despite some differences in what we did for fun as kids or a hobby we enjoyed here and there, the constant and consistent thread that we both are quick to point out is that most of our fond memories from our childhood are traced back to the great outdoors in some form.  When K2 and I first met we discussed, among other things, our love of gardening, travel, and new adventures.  We quickly decided we should start a mini farm (a work in progress, more on this in a later blog).  As for the travel and new adventures, well what better way to catalog these day trips, hiking excursions, or farm experiences than to start a blog to share all our memories.  Henceforth, the blog was formed.  Mind you, this was not taken lightly, as no ridiculously important endeavors ever are to be sure.  We had many tussles and late-night coffee binges to formally come up with a name for the blog and the farm.  At times, it felt as if we were naming a child, and indeed we were.  This is our baby!  And just like every good parent, we want our baby to do well and succeed and not milk us dry of money in the process. 

We are excited and proud to share this journey with you.  Our adventures, and indeed our misadventures, are not to the world’s most exotic places.  Oh, we have nothing against these places of course and hope and plan to visit some of those gems.  The thoughts we would like to convey in doing this blog is that beauty exists in many forms and places.  It might just be a well-known national park, but it could just as easy be a walk through the woods, an obscure off the beaten path somewhere, or even a little shop/restaurant around the corner.  Our sincere desire is that this somehow inspires you to get out and do some wandering of your own.  You never know what lies outside your door.  One just must be willing to go.

Happy Wandering Everyone!

And remember: “Not all those who wander are lost.” – Tolkien


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