Mingo Falls

Just 5 miles from both Cherokee, NC and the Great Smoky Mountains

“Dreams are made of trails and waterfalls.” -Unknown

There are few things more spectacular in nature than a waterfall.  The sure splendor of seeing the water cascading down on the rocks below is both awe inspiring and breathtaking.  Of course, not all waterfalls are created equally.  I have been fortunate enough to see first-hand places like Niagara with all its volume and power as well as Yosemite Falls with its majesty and towering presence.  Mingo Falls, on the doorstep of the Great Smoky Mountains, is a great waterfall that while not on the same level as those mentioned above, has charm and splendor all its own.  As waterfalls go, this one is as easy to get to as they come.  And while easy is a relative term in hiking vernacular, the distance from start to finish is only ¼ mile one way, albeit there is some elevation change that is helped along by what is between 160-170 steps.  Standing at the base and looking up at the ascending stairs can be a little daunting for all those that are not in the physical shape or as young as they once were, but as with every waterfall hike I have ever completed, it is well worth the effort at the end. (Pro Tip: Probably best not to eat something like a cheeseburger while sitting in the parking area minutes before you ascend the stairs, but who would do such a thing?)  Mingo Falls is approximately 120 feet tall and is one of the tallest waterfalls in southern Appalachia.  There is a wooden bridge at the base of the falls that is wonderful for taking pictures or selfies from, as you celebrate defeating both the steps and that aforementioned cheeseburger.  This is a definite hike for all those who love waterfalls or just a scenic, somewhat easy walk through the woods.  You can find more information about this great waterfall here: https://visitcherokeenc.com/mingo-falls-waterfall/

From the parking lot looking up at Mingo Falls trail.
Then more stairs…and more stairs…
A foreboding message possibly left behind by the Natives…
And then…yep, you guessed it—more stairs.
A solitary respite for the weary.
And then the level, but somewhat rocky trail to the waterfall
Just a little farther…
Beautiful Mingo Falls…as with all waterfalls, pictures do not do it justice.
Just something you must experience for yourselves.
Happy Wandering!

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