Birds of the backyard

As a hobby, K2 and I enjoy birdwatching.  For me personally, there has always been something about the ability to fly that I have found intriguing.  Over the years, I have read and written poems about birds and watched countless hours of the comings and goings of our fine feathered friends to our birdfeeder and beyond.  The sights and sounds of these creatures as you stroll through the woods are both mesmerizing and soothing.  They sound joyful, hopeful, free.  I believe it is this sense of utter freedom that speaks to me.

“The Hawk”

I saw a hawk with wings stretched wide,

Floating on currents over mountains high.

And as I gazed at his grace I pondered,

And in awe I watched and wondered,

How does he fly so free?

Kelly Andrews

Copyright 2021

It is with this backdrop that I add this little area of my blog dedicated to all birds that I capture, digitally speaking of course.  I am fortunate enough to live next to a lake, so I get to see some genuinely great waterfowl:  herons, ducks, geese, all frequent the water next door or swim in my stream daily.  I even have one bald eagle whom I call Baldy (there is backstory to this name and not just a total lack of originality), that hovers over the water looking for a fishing opportunity.

Then, of course there are the more common ones, such as the Northern Cardinal, Blue Jay, Goldfinch, Mockingbird, and Robin, etc… I am no expert, and I will try and name what I post, but I am sure someone out there can help if I misname a bird species here and there or I just have no idea what it is for that matter.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the postings from time to time and more importantly, I hope you take the time to get out and see some of these things for yourself.

Happy Wandering!


Male Northern Cardinal

Looking for a mate.

Waiting for the squirrels to provide a meal from up above…

And they never…

fail to assist.

The song of the Northern Cardinal (courtesy of )

2 Comments on “Birds of the backyard

  1. The way you write about your observations is fascinating. Keep writing and keep me in the know.


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