From Tennessee to Omaha, Nebraska by way of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. (Part 2)

“The journey, not the arrival matters.” – T.S. Eliot

One of the great experiences in traveling through states by car is the changes one sees with the landscape.  I have heard people say that every state just looks the same after awhile, but I beg to differ.  I find that all states are incredibly unique and have certain qualities that are both enduring as well as distinctive in appearance.  K2 and I both enjoy the changing landscapes.  It is what makes travel exciting and new each time you embark and wander on any adventure.  We are indeed fortunate to live in a place and a time where we can travel freely and enjoy all the wonder of this world.

It is odd perhaps, but when we travel, we set markers on our map to help us psychologically as we drive from city to city or town to town.  It breaks up the overall trip and the daunting mileage that usually comes with a drive across country.  After a short drive from our breakfast stop, we entered the “Land of Lincoln” with our sights set on St. Louis.  It is only fitting that any trip westward goes through the Gateway to the West. So, in the spirit of Lewis and Clark whose expedition was only slightly more famous and important than that of the K1 and K2 excursion of 2021, we began our westward advance while standing on the shoulders of the legends of the past whose spirit still lingers and lives with all of us that feel the desire to wander and explore. For those who love history, check out:

K2 and I decided not to do the tourist thing and stop and see the Arch.  Our end goal for the day was Sioux Falls, South Dakota and we were burning daylight.  Getting through St. Louis with little fanfare and much speed, we traversed to the next marker on our road map–Columbia, Missouri. The stop was for fuel, but it was lunch time, so our stomachs decided to drive us to some place that looked quick, easy, and not too unhealthy.  As we drove, we saw lines of cars surrounding one eating establishment and for some unknown reason we were drawn to the chaos like moths to a flame.  Before we knew what hit us, we were in line awaiting our turn to order, fascinated by the overwhelming number of cars that were so efficiently being moved through the parking lot.  Had Chick-fil-A been around and running the whole Lewis and Clark expedition, I am sure the whole excursion would have been finished in record time and it would have been their pleasure to assist them along the way. There were six people taking orders, four directing traffic, three delivering food, and two just asking how your day was and what you wanted for Christmas this December.  After receiving our food, we just parked in the nearby lot and watched in fascination to what we were just a part of like it was some circus side show and we had merely played our role. (In Oscar winning fashion, I might add…)  It was only lunch, but I think I will remember this fondly for years to come.  It is always the small things that fascinate us the most and leave lasting impressions. 

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our heart.” – Winnie The Pooh

Now that our hunger was satisfied and the 4 Runner was filled, we were off again to Kansas City, where we would then turn north to Iowa and finally to our day one destination of South Dakota.  All in a day’s drive–Lewis and Clark would be proud. 

Part 3 is just ahead…  Happy Wandering!


Just your typical Saturday at Chick-fil-A
And chicken shall bring them together.
Angels in yellow vests…
From a safe distance one can watch as the lions circle their prey!

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