Wandering Poet Adventures


Our first trip to North Dakota, highlighted by a stay at the Jasper in Fargo.

With many irons in the fire these grey, winter days, K2 and I have been burning our proverbial candles at both ends. Needless to say, we have not accomplished as much here on the Wandering Poet blog as we would have liked or certainly, as we intended. It is not that we accomplished nothing, quite the contrary, we have done much since the last writing here. We successfully launched our new Wandering… Read More

“Are You Doing Ok-2023 version” It has been some time since I heard from you So, I’m just checking in I could have texted you sooner, it’s true But we are still best Facebook friends. I heard that Mars is in retrograde So, I naturally thought of you My intentions are not to throw you some shade Somehow, I just assumed you knew. But if you don’t post everyday What are we… Read More

Wandering Poet Adventures announces their new venture into homemade fudge and candy.

Naming the roosters at the Wilson Family Farm fall pumpkin patch.

Fall festival fun at the Wilson Family Farm’s annual pick your own pumpkin patch in Bethesda, Tn.

“So, I’m packing my bags for the Misty MountainsWhere the spirits go nowOver the hills where the spirits fly…”  -Robert Plant K2 and I both love the mountains. There is something about being in places that rose into existence from the depths of the Earth long before my birth, surrounded by trees that were standing when my Great Grandfather was still walking this land, wading up streams to waterfalls that were born… Read More

Of Christmas and of Christmas Trees I resolve myself to this thought, That it means much more to the heart of the season Than the many gifts that were bought. Of Christmas and of Christmas Trees My heart is sure to state, That we go much further than ribbons and bows And we move forward to some greater fate. Kelly Andrews       © 2021 With everything going on with Christmas and New Year’s,… Read More

There is a slight breeze on my face this morning. It swirls a bit and gently pushes the leaves that are falling from the nearby trees, first left then right, but mostly I gather that it comes from the south. It is not Autumn yet here, but it is mid-September. Unlike recent years, this summer has yielded its oppressive humidity at least for now and the weather is pleasant. The temperature this… Read More

“Time passes as fast as a hummingbird flutters.” – Anonymous It has been some time since I did a “Birds of the Backyard” post. And while I have been working on other writing projects, I was reminded recently by some of my readers (K2 included), that they would like to read some more from that little corner of the blog.  So, after a brief hiatus, call it a migratory transition in search… Read More