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With many irons in the fire these grey, winter days, K2 and I have been burning our proverbial candles at both ends. Needless to say, we have not accomplished as much here on the Wandering Poet blog as we would have liked or certainly, as we intended. It is not that we accomplished nothing, quite the contrary, we have done much since the last writing here. We successfully launched our new Wandering Poet Farm site and the homemade fudge and candy business that is in its infancy stages, but nonetheless moving forward. visit us at The personalized poetry is going well and expanding to other platforms soon. I had my first poem published in an anthology of poetry which is exciting even for my own self-centered, ego driven writing persona. The poem is titled “Black Cat” and will be shared here soon.
So, much has been accomplished, but still I am perhaps the most thrilled to introduce the newest little corner of our blog here, The Guest House. Each month we will have a different guest contribute to our blog in some fashion. But, it is not I that will introduce this new avenue of adventure, but K2 herself who finally gets to release her inner writing talent. But enough from me, K2 speaks…please check out the Guest House on the menu above or click on the following link:

Happy Wandering!


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