The Poetry Corner

“Are You Doing Ok-2023 version”

It has been some time since I heard from you

So, I’m just checking in

I could have texted you sooner, it’s true

But we are still best Facebook friends.

I heard that Mars is in retrograde

So, I naturally thought of you

My intentions are not to throw you some shade

Somehow, I just assumed you knew.

But if you don’t post everyday

What are we to think of that?

We were all just wondering if you are doing okay

We even discussed it in our latest group chat.

I noticed you haven’t posted your views

About your faith or beliefs

So I assume your cauldron is boiling a stew

Preparing some food for your Pagan feast.

Of course you may have your own thoughts, yes

As long as you and I can agree

Just copy and paste from my own page I guess

And forward it to the masses for me.

My posts from last week are bereft of you

As you have failed to like or comment, I see

I know it can’t mean you share an opposing view,

Perhaps your keyboard just lost its heart shaped emoji?

I just want to say I am here for you, although,

It must be your life is a mess.

Just hit reply in the space found below

But keep your response to 140 characters or less.

D. Kelly Andrews

© 2023

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