And the winner is…

We have a winner…or two…

Wow!  What a great response to our requests for names for a group of 4 rooster brothers here at The Wilson Family Farm. We had so many great suggestions that it was difficult to pick winning names. For a little bit of backstory if you are joining us late, K2 and I asked for help from all those visiting us here at the farm, in selecting names for four Icelandic roosters that were walking around both aimlessly and namelessly. We are announcing two of the names today and will announce the other two by the end of October. The names will be posted here at as well as If you can, drop by the farm and see us at our booth and drop a name or two in the suggestion box at our table or at the green feeder that is hanging on the rooster pen. Gracie wants me to remind you, that is pen number 6 if you are scoring at home. So, without further ado, we announce to you…the suspense is gut wrenching is it not??

Introducing Buck Cluck and his brother Huck…


Buck Cluck strutting his stuff

Huck hanging out…waiting for food no doubt.

Some of you astute readers will recognize the name Buck Cluck as the father of Chicken Little. Our version of Buck is not a father, but one of five brothers hatched at the farm this past April. Out of the six chicks we were surprised to find that five of those were male. Patty being the only female hen of the bunch, does not stand a chance when dating starts. Although, he and Huck look similar, you can distinguish Buck Cluck from his brother by his comb. Buck Cluck has a straight red comb on his head that flops over slightly in the front. Huck is big on adventures in the barnyard, much like the adventurer that shares his name in Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. And while our Huck will not be drifting down a river on a raft, he is rather feisty and a bit of a free spirit as Huck Finn was in the classic. Huck has a red rose comb on his head that differs from Buck Cluck’s straight comb. The combs themselves help to regulate body temperature in chickens and there are many distinct types of combs throughout the chicken world.

We still have two roosters to name, and we are excited to see what suggestions we receive. Again, thank you for all the great responses so far. We look forward to making our announcement for the remaining names soon. And until then, as always…

Happy Wandering!



“Buck and Huck”

One summer day in a barnyard filled with hay,

Two roosters planned to visit friends so very far away,

So late they came from the rooster shed

And when the farmer had gone to bed, they took his old truck instead.

Buck Cluck and Huck driving in a truck

The truck ran out of gas and the pair ran out of luck

They tried to catch the train, but Huck would just complain

He said, “I think that we should rather fly,” so they bought tickets for a plane

Buck Cluck and Huck got scared when lightning struck

So, they parachuted down and landed with the ducks.

On the farm back home, the two will never again roam

The next time they talk to friends, they will call them on the phone.

© 2022 D. Kelly Andrews


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