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Hello, all!  With my sincere apologies for being so long between posts here, K2 and I have been busy with a lot of stuff. We also were able to do a bit of traveling out West that merits some space here soon, as there was much to see, explore, and certainly, to write about.  So, with that being stated and a promise to all reading to post more in the coming weeks, I give you the following poem.  It is an excerpt from a small booklet I put together for our fall festival at the annual and local pumpkin patch at the Wilson Family Farm.  I have been helping the farm for some time now in a part time capacity and thought I should write some small story or two about the wonderful place.  K2 and I have a booth there this year every Saturday and Sunday in October. Come see us. Our Wandering Poet Farm, such as it is, did produce some lavender this year so we deemed our booth to be the lavender and literature booth.  (We do have concessions too, but that doesn’t start with an “L” and my need for alliteration knows no bounds…)  K2, as always, has it decorated to the hilt.  Make sure you follow along with Enola and Gracie here on the blog.  It is not everyday you get to hear what is really going on in the barnyard straight from the horse’s mouth…or chicken’s mouth in this case.  The weather has been perfect this season thus far and the farm looks spectacular.  If you are local, or even if you are not and just wanting a weekend escape, come for a visit.  The zinnias and sunflowers are rocking, and there are plenty of pumpkins in the field. Until then…

Happy Wandering!


From Heart of the Farm booklet:

“Pumpkin Growing”

Growing pumpkins is fun indeed

But you have to start with pumpkin seeds.

Dig a hole in the ground to begin

Then place your seeds gently within.

Cover the seeds with dirt in care

And hope the rain will soon be there

To water down your seeds below

For sun and rain make pumpkins grow.

From underneath the seed will sprout

And a pumpkin vine will wiggle out.

Then in time, the vines will spread

Across the ground like jam on bread.

Under broad leaves the flowers bloom

And little pumpkins arrive there soon.

Bigger they grow, these pumpkins green

Then, just in time for Halloween

The orange hue rises from the field

From little seeds comes a big harvest yield.

So, before you carve your pumpkin face

Pause and remember how we got to this space,

A great Jack-O-Lantern is where the story ends,

But it all starts with seeds that come from within.

It is time for pumpkins!

Wandering Poet Adventures booth at the Wilson Family Farm
You had me at fudge…

lavender and literature at

All you need for Fall decorating

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