The Grand Finale…

“What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” – William Shakespeare

Yes, I know you have all been anticipating the announcement of the two remaining rooster names from the naming contest at the Wilson Family Farm’s Fall Extravaganza!  I recognize that the delay has led to many a sleepless night for everyone who dropped a name into the proverbial hat.  Oh, the suspense!  Oh, the anticipation!  The questions that envelope one’s mind in these times of waiting and wondering.  “Will my name be the one that is picked?  And will such a name be rolling off the tongues of future farm visitors?  Will this name be the object of afternoon hen parties where fellow chickens bemoan the fact that their own names are simple, common, less regal, fouler to the oratory senses?  Is this the name that shall become the envy of all game roosters in the barnyard and conjure images from old and young alike of the legendary chickens of yore like:  Foghorn Leghorn, Chicken Little, and the San Diego Chicken?”  With all this pressure to name the last two roosters out in the open now, I am obliged, nay…commanded to make you the reader wait no longer.  So, without further ado…I give to you…the names of the last two….

Introducing…Rocky and Duff

Rocky pacing the ring…waiting for Apollo Creed no doubt...
King of the side eye, Duff sizes me up…

Rocky, like the movie name’s sake, is a fighter.  He is the alpha of this adolescent bunch of Icelandic roosters. Colorful in both appearance and personality, Rocky has a beautiful, red rose comb with a white and black cape off his neck.  He is mostly brown but sports some impressive black tail feathers and shiny yellow feet.  I think Rocky believes he is good-looking as I swear I have seen him checking out his own reflection in the watering bowl on more than one occasion.  Duff also dons a red rose comb similar to his brother, but his colors are mostly black and silver.  His most impressive feature must be his cape that flows like a silver waterfall off his neck to his back (saddle) and continues the silvery fountain all the way to the contrasting black of the tail feathers.  He is a handsome devil and usually looks sideways at you as you approach the pen, kind of like saying, “Hey, I am prettier than you.”  And who am I to argue?

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the naming process.  It was great fun for all of us here at Wandering Poet Adventures and the Wilson Family Farm.  Until next time…

Happy Wandering!


“Rocky and Duff”

Here’s a little diddy about Rocky and Duff

Two roosters in the barnyard strutting their stuff

Rocky is stocky with abs of steel

Duff is all buff with an alluring appeal

All day they crow, ramble, and peck

With bright red combs and capes about their necks

Rocky plays hockey, he is king of the ice

Duff is just gruff, but he sure does look nice.

Rocky and Duff, a duo with some style

Crowing in the barnyard that you can hear a country mile.

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