New Category, New Adventures

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

― Confucious

When K2 and I discussed starting a blog, primarily for me to express myself through writing as I have been doing most of my life, we also discussed what my vision for this site would look like to the outside world.  Outside of some of my poetry, which I am in the process of trying to publish, hence I cannot post some of these just yet, I really wanted to highlight some places that we have visited or just some cool places that are around the corner from us here in Middle Tennessee.  Some places we drive by and see every day and perhaps just take for granted.  In keeping with the spirit of this endeavor, I wanted to introduce some locations that are close to home here in Tennessee.  Some of these are places many of us have visited on several occasions if you are local.  For others who are not local to Middle Tennessee and the surrounding area, these places may be new for you.  Either way, it is good to get different perspectives of the same thing from time to time.  It keeps things fresh and our hearts and minds open to new adventures. So, whether you have visited a particular place a hundred times, or you are just hearing about it for the first time, my hope is that it will inspire you to write some stories of your own about these places or introduce places from your own experiences and wanderings.  To be clear, my blog is not a review site of any kind with stars given for excellence like your Uber driver.  I look at things differently and I am moved to write about certain things for many reasons.  If something I write will encourage you to get out and see some of these places or something new or wonderful, or it inspires you to take time to notice some of the beauty of the small things that surround us daily, then that is all that any writer can ask, isn’t it?   So, I hope you enjoy different aspects of the blog and I hope you will enjoy the new writings from time to time which I will affectionately put under the new category of Tall Tales from Tennessee Towns.  The first installment is coming soon, please enjoy.

As always, happy wandering!


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